comment policy

As an anti-spam measure I’ve set up this blog to moderate any comment posted by someone using an e-mail address that has not been previously recognized. This means that:

  1. In order to post a comment, you must enter an e-mail address. (The address will not be published.)
  2. If you’ve previously commented here successfully using that address then your comment will be approved immediately.
  3. If you’ve never entered that address here before, whether because you’re a new commenter or because you’ve changed your e-mail address, your comment will be moderated. I’ll approve it as soon as I can. After that you’ll be able to comment with that address without being moderated again.
  4. If you’re a spam bot, or are posting abuse and insults, your comments will not be approved.

I know this is somewhat inconvenient for new commenters, and I’m sorry about that, but from what I’ve seen elsewhere this is quite an effective way of dealing with spam.

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